Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Debrief and Back Home

After witnessing Victoria Falls we headed to the airport in Lusaka, Zambia for our journey back to Merritt Island, Florida. It was like deja vu to be back in the place where we had begun our journey of training and ministry so many weeks before. We participated in three days of debrief where we got plenty of hot showers, took a series of classes that discussed integrating back into life in America, and quizzed other teams on the forty Bible verses we had memorized throughout the summer. It was a good time to relax, reflect on what we had learned on the field, and prepare to say good bye to the friends we had made. It was difficult to say good bye, but we were all more than ready to be going back home to our families and friends.

This summer has changed my life, giving me a new perspective on many aspects of my everyday life. The Lord began to work on certain areas of my heart and life, and I pray that as I get back into my routine here at home that I will allow Him to continue the work He has begun. Some things He is teaching me are not at all easy, and other things are confusing at times, but by His grace I will do all that He has called me to, giving Him all the glory.

Thank you all for your prayers while I was away this summer, they meant, and do mean more than you can ever know. God bless you all!

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