Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Victoria Falls

Wednesday and Thursday were spent preparing for our trip to Victoria Falls; "the smoke that thunders." On Friday we set off, traveling two days by bus from Ndola to Livingstone. Sunday had been designated as our sightseeing day; in the morning we took a safari through a game park and saw everything from zebra and giraffe, to elephants and baboons. For lunch we took a short river cruise on the Zambezi River. While on the river we saw hippos as well. Finally we got to witness the great Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Words cannot describe the beauty and majesty of the falls. Everything within reach of of its cool mist is transformed into lush green vegetation. Beyond its reach things once again become the characteristic browns and reds of the African plain. Everywhere you turn the bright sun shining through the mist creates rainbows of all sizes. All are struck speechless by the first glimpse of the cascading waters, and most remain speechless as they walk and walk and the falls seem to go on forever. How can one witness the grandeur of a half mile of water tumbling into a chasm hundreds of feet below and still be adamant that it is all a product of chance?

Every aspect of "the smoke that thunders" screams the existence of a creator; the wall of rock over which the raging water tumbles can be held up by nothing less than divine power, the constant mist that does not drown the shrubs and trees in endless water but brings life in a never ceasing rain can only be a product and result of God's similarly unceasing and unfathomable wisdom. The river is always running toward the cliff over which it tumbles down, down, down. Why does the water never cease to flow or the water ever run backward up the wall of rock? The laws that govern our planet and our entire universe are proof that God put loving care into its design and creation. One day, "every knee shall bow in Heaven and earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD to the glory of God the Father," even all those who witnessed God's power in "the smoke that thunders" and refused to admit his existence.

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