Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When we arrived at Lunsala after a five hour, bumpy truck ride we were very excited to finally be starting our project. We set up our kitchen area, pitched our tents, and settled in for the night after our evening team devotions. For the next few days we got to know the children as we taught them drill. We began each morning with our team Bible marking class, breakfast, and personal devotions. Then we would teach the children for about an hour and a half ending with a half hour program that included puppets, singing, and a presentation of the Gospel. Before lunch we read missionary biographies and memorized our daily Scripture verse. After lunch we had free time to do laundry or bathe before teaching another drill session similar to the one in the morning followed by a presentation. Before supper we had gender specific Bible studies called Grubby to Grace (for girls) and God's Gentleman (for guys). After supper we did team devotions and headed to bed early.

The Children

The children were so precious and because there were not very many of them at this particular unit we got to know their names and individual personalities very well. It broke my heart to leave them, but whenever I remember their bright, smiling faces I know that we impacted them for Christ.

Playing "Duck, duck, goose!"

Caro was so excited when she could do the drill by herself.

These are the first children we saw; they couldn't stop smiling.
Charity fell asleep in my lap the first day.
She was pretty attached to me after that.

The Facilitators

The facilitators, Joseph and Daniel, who run the unit also became good friends. They were our sole interpreters as we taught the children, and we enjoyed playing games and laughing with them in the evening after supper.

Daniel and I after church.

Joseph watching the little ones learn the drill.

It was at Lunsala that we learned the importance of working together as a team. Overall it was my favorite unit to work at because the location was peaceful, the children were attentive, and the facilitators were as eager as the children to learn the drill, if not more. After three ays of teaching and church on Sunday we headed to the second unit at Mumena, a half hour closer to the Ndola base.

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