Monday, June 21, 2010


As I write this I leave in less than forty-eight hours. I have everything packed, and it weighs exactly forty pounds (Praise the Lord!). While I am gone I will not be able to blog at all, but I look forward to posting many pictures and stories when I return. As I get ready to leave I want to say thank you to everyone yet again, and also give you some specific things that you can pray for.

-- For safety; that I and my team will be safe in all the traveling we do, whether that be by plane, bus, or on foot.

-- For health; that we would all stay healthy, especially as we may be eating new foods, and exposed to a new environment.

-- For unity; that we would work together as a team, giving each other grace as the body of Christ, and working to bless each other instead of pleasing ourselves.

-- For our families who will be missing us; that they would surrender us to God's will, receiving a peace that is beyond their understanding.

-- And finally that we might be completely dependent on Christ, allowing His Spirit to work mightily in our lives, and that we would lean on Him when things get difficult.

Thank you again, and check back around August 15th for stories, pictures, and evidences of God's faithfulness in each of our lives.

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