Tuesday, April 17, 2012


May 15th. The date looms, not necessarily dreaded or ominous, but present and slightly imposing. It's like April 15th - tax deadline, but worse. I've never done my own taxes; my father graciously takes care of that for me, so May 15th has been the date on which all of my anxiety rests.

But He tells us not to worry about our lives.

Yes, I know, but this is different - this is important.

I tried my excuses, wanted to be able to worry, to have merimnao for May 15th, but no such privilege would be mine.

It is now roughly a month before that ominous date and the Gracious God has provided beyond all of my faithless expectations.

May 15th is the date by which my lil' sis and I need to raise a large sum of money for our trip to teach English in Cambodia this summer. It has only been about two months since we started fund-raising, and we are well past half-way to our goal (praise the Lord!). He is so good, and He leaves no room for worry - only for trust.

May 15th. I cannot wait! How will He provide the final dollars? That remains to be seen, but His faithfulness is a given.

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