Sunday, April 22, 2012

Silent Sobs

You who can resist the half-articulate pleading of many and many a heart today, can you resist this? From millions of voiceless souls, it is rising now - does it not touch you at all? The missionary magazines try to echo the silent sob. You read them? Yes; and you skim them for good stories, nice pictures, bits of excitement - the more the better. Then they drop into the wastepaper basket, or swell some dusty pile in the corner. For perhaps "there isn't much in them." Very likely not; "there isn't much" in the silence any more than in darkness, at least not very much reducible to print; but to God there is something in it for all that. Oh! you - you, I mean, who are weary of hearing the reiteration of the great unrepealeed commission, you who think you care, but who certainly don't, past costing point, is there nothing will touch you?
-Amy Carmichael

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