Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prayer Update #4

Dear Prayer Supporters,

            I (Leah) cannot believe that it is barely one month until Elsie Anne and I will be on an airplane to Florida. There is still much we have to accomplish before then, but with your prayers and the Lord’s guidance we will get there. I (Leah) just came off a very busy week of finals and my last speech and debate tournament of the season. I am thankful the week is behind me and that I got through my finals with flying colors - I hope. J

            We are slowly but surely creeping up on our financial deadline of 10,000. We must have half of the total amount in by May 15th. We are so very grateful to our church family who is making that half way deadline possible. Please continue to pray that the Lord will keep providing for our mission trip up until the day we leave, as we will still be in need of a little over $3,000.

            This past weekend Elsie Anne and I received our specific team fact sheets for our trip to Cambodia. They gave a few prayer requests specific to the Kingdom of Cambodia:

1.     Pray for courage and boldness for the believers in Cambodia as they resist the powers of darkness.
2.     Pray for a workable and lasting peace for this troubled country, with full political and religious freedom, and a government that seeks the good of all.
3.     Pray for the people as they rebuild their lives following years of war and destructive leadership (during the Khmer Rouge regime).
4.     Pray for Godly, mature leadership in the churches; solid Biblical training desperately needs to be provided.

In Christ Alone,
Elsie Anne & Leah

P.S. Elsie Anne here! I am just about finished with classes, assignments, and finals, but have to stay here in Chicago for another two weeks because Chorale is singing at Commencement. I will be flying
back home on May 14th, and cannot wait to get there. The following Amy Carmichael poem has been a blessing and encouragement to me this past week, and I hope it will be to you as well.

“He who hath led will lead
            All through the wilderness,
He who hath fed will surely feed…
He who hath heard thy cry
            Will never close His ear,
He who hath marked thy faintest sigh
            Will not forget thy tear.
He loveth always, faileth never,
So rest on Him today – forever.”

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