Saturday, May 1, 2010

My First Miracle

Travel to a foreign country requires many immunizations. I was dreading the thought of having to get 10-12 shots, but when my Mom and I learned that each shot would cost between $75 and $100 the fear of shots became nothing in comparison to the great shock of paying over $1,000 out of pocket that we didn't have. My Mom called my doctor asking if there was any way that insurance would cover it, or if there was anywhere we could go and pay less. The doctor explained that insurance rarely covers travel vaccinations, but she did recommend that we visit the public health clinic in order to pay less. We headed to the clinic, expecting mile long lines, but prepared to wait for shots that could cost up to $75 less.

When we arrived we filled out some paper work, and turned it in to the receptionist. My Mom asked how much exactly the immunizations would cost; when the woman said, "Ten dollars." my Mom looked very happy, it was even less than we had expected. But the woman continued, "Yes, just $10, no matter how many shots." she said. We literally had to keep ourselves from jumping up and down!

Thank you to all those that I asked to pray before my Mom and I left that morning. I asked you to pray for a miracle, and honestly, I was skeptical that I would actually receive one. But the Lord is faithful to all who call upon him, and I saw the first miracle of my trip. At the end of the day my arms were sore (and still are) from eight shots, but we didn't pay even close to $1,000.

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