Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thank You!

Hello once again everyone,

I have a very exciting announcement to make... *drum roll* ... I have raised all of my project expense money! This means that the cost of boot camp, my time at the base in Zambia, food, and the air fare in between Florida and Zambia is paid for. While I am so thankful to the Lord Jesus for providing so graciously for me, I am not done yet. There is still the cost of a plane ticket from here to Florida, and back at the end of the summer. Countless other items also need to be purchased for this journey of a lifetime. Therefore, I covet your continued prayers as I keep preparing for my trip.

My deepest gratitude is extended to those who contributed financially and helped me to get to this point. Thank you also to those who are keeping me in your prayers, I appreciate it more than you may ever know. God bless you until my next update!

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